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Parking Guidance System

Parking-Gudiance system is a well planned system and gives effective and easy city traffic where the motorist quickly and correctly can be shown to the right destination where a free space can be used. The electronic signs shows numbers of free spaces. This is being done by a “sensor” which is being dug into the ground at the entry of the town and corresponding at the exits which corrects the information.

System results are: * Less air pollution * Less concentration of traffic in downtown * Less obstruction for public transport * Minimizes the noise

“Signal-Park” is a new unic parkingsystem for garage and car park which orientates the motorist to a free space. A detector with LED is being placed in the ceiling and detects the empty space. The program shows real time and complete information regarding the car park, floor and number of spaces. All changes are being recorded and can be analyzed afterwards.

Automatic Parking System

Entry. At the entry one receive a ticket by using credit cards. Alternatively one can be registered with credit card.

Modern “Paystations” where payment is being made with credit-cards or gas station cards as well as coins or notes. The advantage with this system is that one pays for the used time. Consequently one avoids parking tickets or one pays to much for unused time. The payment machines display has a clear design.

Exit. Exiting is being done with a prepaid ticket which is being put into the exitmachine. Alternatively one has the possibility of paying directly, using the same credit card as being used at the entry.

Pay & Display machines

K. Olsson Electronic AB offer a high modern and technological version of ticketmachines, which through their flexible component system can be adapter to customers wishes and their needs which the site demands for maximal efficiency. The markets largest and most innovative component suppliers are found in our own manufacturing of ticketmachines. P-meters for mounting in direct connection to the respective parkingspace is included in our range. Nevertheless ticketmachines are today´s more frequent occurring alternative, specially for the larger parking areas were the reliability, security and a robust construction for these sites. But it is also important that theese ticketmachines are user friendly.

For both systems one has to pay in advance. Those paymentsystems are being made for payment with coins as well as banknotes in different values and/or credit card.


We as well can offer ticketmachines where time, date and bar-code are printed onto the ticket for manual- or bar-code reading at the cashier.

- Higher security

- Solution for prepayment as well as payment afterwards

- With bars or only doors

- With floodgate feature

Access Control System

Access control systems are intended for garage/carparks or ordinary office-blocks. The system is already at the production state developed with a modern usable technique and adapted for international use. To be able to meet all kinds of requirements there are a whole series of different basic systems available, which include new compact models. All of them are built up to integrate with other electronic security equipment of the highest international standard. The system can of course be programmed either for off-line or on-line, for overbooking and for traffic control in garages or parking areas.

Electromecanical barries

Those are constructed partly to close of areas for unauthorized people. The base of our program are barries for parking and industrial sales and they are between 2,5 m to 9 m length and the opening speed is from 0,9 sec. to 6 sec. the barriers can be left- or right-hand mounted and are electromechanical powered with frictional clutch.

Automatical bollards

Instead of easy moveable cones or heavy concrete blocks we can offer a range of bollards, which can be opened manually, half-automatic or automatic bollards with hydraulic power. These bollards are suitable to temporary close individual parkingspaces, (VIP-parking) or public footpath for housing areas where one can only drive in exceptional cases. The bollards are being mounted into the ground, they are round and from the down position to the raised takes only 2,5 sec. Standard radius is 250 mm and they are 450 mm high.

Hydraulic barricades

Those are made for total security for e.g. goods terminals, bus or lorryparking, as well as other sites which require a high security for example nuclear power plants, embassy´s hotels etc. We have in our program different types of barricades from 355 mm up to 964 mm in height with hydraulic operation and variable length to easily fit into the width of the road. The barricades are being build into the roadway and in the lowered position can wehicles pass right above. One should normally complete the barricades with light-signals. the construction on the barricades in a raised position is so powerful that it fulfills a very high demand of resistance when driven onto or proffesional attempts of vandalism or being made.


Off all equipment we supply is installed by our own staff or with el-contractor.

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