The company

K. Olsson Electronic AB is today conception within the “computer controlled parkingsystems

The company came into the line of business for “electronic controlled paymentsystem” already with the traffic changeover from the left to right hand traffic in the late “sixties”

The whole infrastructure changed when the traffic went to the right hand traffic, where it was important with flexible parkingsystem for the large as well as the small car parking areas. One discovered soon that not all parkingsystems can be alike and that a number of unique facts had to be taken onto consideration so that every single parking site works satisfactorily.

We at K. Olsson Electronic have been in the frontline position regarding the development of systems and we have many years of experience of which components are suitable for every single site. In other words we adapt the site to the customers needs.

Our policy is always to reach an optimal solution for a good priceing, but never to lower ones standard regarding quality and security measurement.

Please contact us and take part of our many years of experience if you are building new or mondernizing an already existing car parking.

* Parking Guidance System

* Automatic Parking System

* Pay & Display Machines

* Access Control System

* Barriers

* Bollards

* Barricades

* Installation

K. Olsson Electronic AB

Kopparåsvägen 61, 427 38 Billdal (Gothenburg)

Tel +46 31 68 13 29


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